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Investment Properties

We get excited when it comes to property, and those purchasing a property through us have even more reason to be – should you choose to purchase through Phoenix Estate Agency™ , then you're about to purchase your investment property at a bargain upon todays current market values.

At Phoenix Estate Agency™, we are not a property sourcer, we are not a 3rd party agent, nor are we an investment property company that is here today and gone tomorrow. We are a completely regulated National Estate Agent, the first of its kind that specialises in selling properties for sale, fast. Only those that we are directly instructed to sell by the owner. For an investor, this provides you with complete peace of mind and the added reassurance that you are dealing directly with the point of source, no middle men and no introducers who have no control.

What makes us different is that unlike any other estate agent or property investment agent we only market properties that have been genuinely priced attractively by the Seller. Our Sellers are looking for a quick sale, and are prepared to compromise on the price of their property, normally the quicker the sale required by them, the better price you will get.

Every Month we carry out many valuations from people looking to achieve a quick sale, some, looking to sell as they may be fed up with their existing estate agent, looking to downsize, retire, ill health, separation, divorce, inheritance, facing repossession, in fact the list is endless. We only bring to the market good quality saleable properties, and as such turn down more than we bring on.

Put simply, if it is not priced attractively, we will not look to market the property. It is this pricing policy that makes our properties stand out more than any other agent and as such represents an attractive proposition for those looking for investment properties.

Our Senior Negotiators and property team, are truly dynamic and highly experienced when it comes to the property investment sector, specializing in dealing with investors who are new to investing in property through to highly experienced institutional fund managers. Our thorough due diligence and unparalleled market knowledge allows us to appraise properties and their investment viability in an emphatic and thorough manner allowing an investor to make an informed and calculated decision.

We are not estate agents that have ventured in to property investment, but more so, investment professionals who are revolutionizing the sale and purchasing process for the entire property market.

Whether you are a local UK investor or an overseas Investor looking to purchase in the UK, we specialise in providing solutions in Real Time irrespective of your time zone, hence we are available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

We hope you find this guide informative and intuitive. The intended purpose is to provide you with a concise and honest synopsis in to the property market, it is not a get quick rich scheme nor is it to mislead you in any way, so no pictures of Pound Notes, or Ferraris, no yachts, no beaches and no sunset, yet. Should you like to explore further, then please do not hesitate to contact us, and discuss your requirements with us, our consultations are Free and we are more than pleased to assist you.

We look to build long term relationships, and therefore we want to get it right the first time - all the time. So choose wisely, choose Phoenix Estate Agency™.