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The stress of it all

Let's be honest, selling your home is always a really stressful job. What with having strangers traipse around your home, even though you are sure that they're unlikely to make an offer, or if they do, frankly speaking, it'll be somewhat insulting. And all that's before you consider the endless packing and shifting. It's enough to tip even the strongest of minds over the edge!

So Which Estate Agent?

So where does your Estate Agent fit in? How can an Estate Agent make things smoother?

First things first, we believe having an agent that speaks plain English is vital. Thereafter, you really want to be working with a team that has an excellent track record, is professional, knowledgeable, good value for money and, importantly, can be contacted when you need to speak with them.

Having said that, we feel, what you really want to know is, can we actually sell your property quickly?

Lightning-Fast Maximum Value Sales

To begin with, we're extremely proud of our track record. The fastest sale on record is just 2 hours! Now we can't promise to sell your home that quickly, but our average really is less than 28 days and with up to 100% of market value achieved.

The secret of our success lies in our exclusive buyer database which has been compiled over half a decade. We hold details of cash ready buyers along with their preferences of the type, location and budget of properties they are seeking. After that, it's rather simple. We just parade your property to matching buyers by sending out various alerts and notifications and 'hey presto' happy seller - happy buyer.

We Always Have a Plan 'B'

Whilst this formula normally achieves outstanding results, if we're completely honest, there are times when suitable matches just don't materialise, albeit, straightaway. In such cases, we don't twiddle our thumbs. We get on with doing the job of a regular Estate Agent, only better. It's what we call our 'Plan B'.

The Right Person for the Right Job

At Phoenix, we don't agree with the 'jack of all trades' approach, where employees are asked to carry out a wide range of tasks regardless of what their skillset or role may ordinarily involve.

We have 9 distinct and specialists roles in the team. And whilst each role is aware of the overall process, we also make sure they understand the other roles too. Thereafter, we place the right people in key areas which ultimately results in improved performance. In other words, we put the right people in the right job and in turn, this can only be a good thing for you, our client.

Clear, Transparent Fee Structure

In terms of fees, transparency is of the utmost importance to us.

  1. We do not charge you a penny, unless we sell your property
  2. We provide you with a free realistic valuation that will get buyers queuing up
  3. We do not hide other costs such as 'marketing' to give the impression we're cheaper than others
  4. Our agreements and fees are in plain English, so everyone is clear from the off

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More Reasons Why You Should Instruct Phoenix?

Accurate Valuation for Fast Sales

Let's be honest, to sell your property fast, there has to be some incentive for a cash-ready buyer.
However, that doesn't mean we'll ask you to slash your asking price.
Our extensive knowledge and experience enables us to accurately and sensible value your home.
This gets buyers battling one another which results in fast sales, whilst still achieving a great price.

Huge Advertising Exposure

Be it on property portals, online or in print, our advertising ensures your property listing reaches over 1 million Buyers, 365 Days a Year, 7 days a week, 24 Hours a day. Need we say more?

What do other say?

We have many, many satisfied customers - real success stories. It's great when we achieve a quick property sale for a seller.
Why not read about their experience here?

Genuine Buyers

Rest assured, we vet all Buyers to make sure they are in a position to proceed.