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Star Rating System

Here at Phoenix Estate Agency, our key principle is to give all our clients an honest and accurate rating on the properties we bring to the market. With our specialist rating system, we take into consideration the individual properties characteristics. This is what makes Phoenix the most dynamic Estate Agency in the UK.

Unlike many conventional Estate Agents, at Phoenix we don’t just provide a basic overall rating on the properties we bring to the market. There are many aspects surrounding a properties value and its desirability. We take into consideration the price, condition, location, yield and growth to give you a much more informed and realistic outlook on the properties true overall value.


We make sure all information collected values a property at the most precise and honest figure. We do this by assessing our properties to the highest standards of market value. This is all dependable on many surrounding factors which detmonstrate how each individual detail of a properties aspects incorporates into our rating system. We utilize all these factors and then form a price that is a representation of the properties market value.


We do not evaluate a properties condition based on just the physical appearence. We take into consideration every underlying complication that will affect the vakye of the property itself. There is a variety of factors that will effect the market value of a property, such as maintenance, off road parking, EPC ratings etc. If a property has fallen into a state of dilapidation, you run the risk of putting buyers off before they even step foot inside and it may adverseley affect the market price. That is why it is substantial to us here at Phoenix to give a genuine property valuation.


The location of a property is important because it can have an enourmous effect on the properties market value. For example, OFSTED reports are made available on the internet. Poor school reports can deter parents from buying homes in the catchment areas of the accountable schools. Crime rates within the area can also affect the market value of a property, with areas with higher than average crime rates are now easy to identify, and therefore they are avoided by potential buyers without investigation. Therefore, we are accountable for a 100% trustworthy market valuation.


At Phoenix, it’s important for both us and our clients that they understand their investment and if it’s suitable for their needs. If calculations hsow you are paying too much for the property, you can re-evaluate your investment decision. We work out our yield by adding up the property purchase price, stamp duty, renovation costs, closing fees, and any other property fees you may have.


House prices vary considerably across the UK, with the highest average prices in London and the South East. High average earnings, full employment, inward migration, relatively limited housing stock, and tight restrictions on new house buildings in London account for high average prices. In contrast, lower average wages, more housing stock, and easier planning means that average house prices in many of the regions are relatviely low.